1. Decks and Pergolas come in all shapes and sizes - elevated, ground level, tiered, oval and flat and many others. They also come in a variety of materials - Vinyl, Pressure-treated, Composites, Hardwoods, Concrete, Stone, etc. Texas Custom Decks will take your ideas of the perfect deck and/or pergola and suggest design options that will compliment your home's surroundings. We have been in the business for 42 years are confident of our product and our ability to provide you with a Quality product.
  2. Fences and Gates are particularly valuable if you have small children or pets. They will be project your tastes, restrict the views of your backyard from neighbors and work as a deterrent for criminal activity. Many fencing & gating possibilities abound. Privacy & Shadow box fences offer a variety of security possibilities, depending upon the material utilized. Picket Fences are a very traditional fence style and often associate themselves with suburban ideal. Rail Fencing adds a bit of rustic charm to its surroundings. Aluminum Fencing is an excellent choice for low maintenance costs and curbside appeal. An aluminum fence resists rust for many years and can be painted. Custom Fencing can create options for you to fit your unique needs. Call or Email Texas Custom Decks today to find the right fence or gate for your home.
  3. Stonework can be used in a number of ways, landscaping, fencing, patios and the design of a home or addition to it. Stone landscaping can add dimension and character to your home unmatched by wood or concrete. Whether used as an aesthetic addition to your home or yard, stone can also be used as a retaining wall and erosion control, giving you the best of both aesthetics and safety. Stonework can be a part of your outdoor living space, such as outdoor countertops, benches, fire pits, etc. It can also be a foundational part of wooden or iron fencing and also add an elegant touch to the finished product. Allow Texas Custom Decks to work with you to create your ideal outdoor living space.
  4. Have Texas Custom Decks work with you one-on-one to create a custom outdoor kitchen that will blend effortlessly with your home and garden. Stone, brick, or stucco finishes; and concrete, tile or granite counters and benches will give your project an elegant, professional appearance with years of maintenance free use. Texas Custom Decks can combine your outdoor kitchen area with an all-weather patio cover for year-round enjoyment. The possibilities are ENDLESS and our professional staff will work with you to create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Call or Email Texas Custom Decks, TODAY!